If you block another user, you will no longer see any of their videos shown in the feed. Blocking a user will also ensure they will no longer be able to see any content that you upload or interact with you in any way. 

  1. To block another user on Clash, you will need to visit their profile page by tapping on their username or profile pic.  
  2. Next tap on the 3 dots horizontal ellipsis (...) in the top right of the screen. 
  3. Now just tap the red "Block" option.

Now the user is blocked from your account and you will not see them again on Clash.

For privacy reasons, any user you block will not be notified of the account block.

Note: We take cyberbullying and stalking very seriously at Clash.
If someone is harassing or stalking you on the app, please report their profile to our team and the matter will be investigated.
Please email our support team if you have any questions: