1. Please start by download the "Clash video app" app from either the Google Play or App Stores. You can find a direct link to the Clash app download here: https://clashapp.co/
  2. Once you have downloaded the Clash app, you can create your Clash account by using Google or Apple login.
  3. Now just continue to follow the onscreen instructions to finish setting up your Clash account.
    You will be taken through all the setup steps such as, selecting a username .Notification alerts, age verification, friends and profile photo. (No pressure as you can change most details later if needed. (The account D.O.B or registered email address cannot be changed)

If you ever find yourself logged out of Clash, just go open the app on your device, and select the same account (Apple or Google) to log in. This will allow you to easily log back into the Clash app again.

For anyone who has trouble logging into their Clash account, please don't hesitate to email our support team and one of our helpful staff members will make sure you can access your account again: support@clashapp.co