To send fan mail, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open a video that has been uploaded by the creator you would like to send fan mail to
  2. Next tap the Drops icon, and then tap the envelope icon (✉️) from the open chart
  3. Enter the amount of Drops to send by selecting one of the pre-set amounts or tapping - or + to adjust up and down
  4. Now - to add your fan mail message. If you are spending Drops to send some fan mail, use the opportunity you have to send a message and pass on some words of encouragement, tell them what videos you want to see more of, or just simply to say hello. It's totally up to you  
  5. When finished just tap "Send Fan Mail" and your favorite creator will receive a notification of the mail next time they log in
    (If you are lucky, they may just reply to you. Currently the creator and users must be following each other for a DM reply to be sent.) 

(The minimum amount of Drops required to send fan mail is currently set at 150)
For more information on sending Drops, please see the How to send "Drops" to your favorite creators FAQ page.