To send some FanMail to one of your favorite Creators, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Creators profile page you wish to send FanMail to. You can tap on the Creators username during a video, or use the search feature on the "Explore" page to find them
  2. Once on the Creators profile page, tap on the tab labeled "FanMail"
  3. A minimum of 150 Drops is required to send FanMail. Simply tap - or + to adjust the number of Drops that will be sent with your FanMail
  4. Now it's time to add some text! Here you can say what you want (we only ask that users respect each other and not harass or bully anyone)
    You could request what videos you would like to see more of, pass on some words of encouragement, or just simply say hello. It's totally up to you!  
  5. When finished just tap "Send FanMail" and the recipient will receive a notification of the mail. (If you are lucky, they may just reply to you) 

    FanMail can also be sent without leaving the video you are watching.
    All you need to do is tap the Drops icon (bottom right next to the like heart), and then tap the envelope (✉️) from the open Drops slider.

(The minimum amount of Drops required to send fan mail is currently set at 150)
Please see the link below for more information about using Drops: