Free/Sponsored Drops (Drops received via a giveaway or promotion)
Clash may make available an opportunity to claim free Drops that have been sponsored by an external party or Clash. These opportunities may be limited. Clash does not guarantee that Drops will be available at all times or at any given time, and these Drops may expire after a set time period.

You will be notified when you receive some free Drops from Clash with a pop-up message (example below). Please take note of the expiry date/time and the amount whenever you receive free Drops from us.

You should not use Sponsored Drops as a way to obtain Drops to support your own account, such as creating accounts for the purpose of using Sponsored Drops. Users found to be participating in any type of Drops fraud will be banned from using the app.

Drops are not designed as a means to transfer money. You may also not use robots, or other automated means, to obtain Drops using the Sponsored Drops feature; such activity is prohibited, and any transfers of this variety are subject to be null and void.