That's right, Clash users can now subscribe to their favorite Creators!
This is a great way for fans to directly support their most loved Creators on Clash. Subscribers will also get some free Drops and a nice subscriber badge.

To subscribe to your favorite Creators, they must first have subscriptions set up from their end (link to be added soon)
You will know once a Creator has enabled subscriptions as they will have a nice new "Subscribe" tab added to their profile page (this will be added between the "Following" and "FanMail" tabs, as shown in he pic below)

After tapping on the Creators "Subscribe" tab, you will be taken to their subscription page.
The Creators subscription page will include a welcome message, detail the cost, and what you get for subscribing.
As you can see from the image below, "FerretDaddy" is only changing USD 1.99/month!

To subscribe, just tap "Subscribe for $*/Month" and follow the on-screen payment instructions.
If you have any questions related to subscribing, please feel free to email our team.

(Subscription fees are set by the Creator, so can differ from one Creator to the next)