The GIPHY images and text can be added during or after your video has been recorded. Please follow the steps below to add what you want:

  1. Open the Clash app and log into your account.
  2. Tap the record button (middle icon) on the toolbar to open the camera
  3. Before adding any GIPHY images or text to your video, you must first record at least 5 second of video
  4. Once you have recorded your video, tap the -> icon to start video editing.
  5. To add some fun images to your video, tap on "Add GIF" in the bottom left of the screen
  6. Now just search for the GIPHY image you wish to add and tap on the pic to add 
  7. You can resize the GIF image and move around the screen until you find the best position. (To remove the any GIF images you no longer want, just move it into the bin at the bottom of screen)
  8. Once you are happy with any additions tap the tic icon to generate the video for upload. (Alternatively you can tap "save" at the top right of the screen to add to your camera roll).
  9. When your video has finished generating, add a caption if required and tap "Post Video" 

You can find some information about the GIPHY integration with Clash on the following link. There is also a cool demo video to view: